Monday, January 28, 2013

Test Kitchen!

So my friend found this recipe for a vegan double chocolate cake. I mean, seriously. Double. Chocolate.

So we started brainstorming and decided we would try to make it - with a few modifications. It called for some flour, dark chocolate almond milk (which I'm now addicted to, thank you very much!), and some vegan cream cheese (that just SOUNDS gross). During our brainstorming, we decided to also make it gluten free, so we settled on making our own almond flour to use in the recipe.

I found a how-to on making almond flour, so we gave it a whirl in the food processor <~~ see what I did there? HA. I crack myself up. Anyway - so the food processor did a pretty good job mixing up the almonds, but they weren't quite a flour-y consistency. Had I been thinking, I would have put the mixture in the blender, as the how-to suggested, but I had forgotten about that piece until just now. Oops.

Other than the regular cream cheese we used in the recipe (we just couldn't do it with the vegan. I mean, it's CHEESE0. it WAS vegan (or vegetarian, in this case) and gluten free. Now, the flavor of the cake was TO. DIE. FOR molten chocolate cake, slap yo mama, drink a gallon of milk DE-LIC-IOUS! The consistency, however, was quite another story. I believe it has something to do with the almonds not quite being that soft, powdery, flour consistency. We still ate it though. Yes we did.

So, for next time, I'm either going to buy some almond flour, or try getting it into a much finer consistency. We did try to run it through my flour sifter, but that was more of a mess than we bargained for.

All-in-all, it was fun, the flavor was good, and it was fun spending some time with my friend in the kitchen!

Until next time! =)

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