Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Imagine, if you will.

And interesting way to look at overeating ... and so true. From Ben Does Life blog. Love it. Check it.

Imagine, if you will.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Moving On!

So yesterday afternoon I went to the doctor's office, with thoughts of a diagnosis of strep throat and an antibiotic script in my head. Easy peasy, right!?!? Well, what I thought were white patches from strep were what my doctor referred to as "cobbling" that occurs from prolonged sleep apnea. So I ended up with a referral for a sleep study and a possible mouth guard or a CPAP. WHAT!!?!? I'm sorry, really ... WHAT?!?!? Sleep apnea? CPAP? THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!!!! 

I freaked. I talked to my coach. And what she said was spot on. And just what I needed to hear. "Deep breath. This is reversible!" She's absolutely right. And something sorta clicked from yesterday to today. I do *NOT* want to be dependent on a CPAP machine. I don't *WANT* to have a mouth guard. I don't want to deal with this. But I will. For now. For the first time since Christmas, I was able to see my weight loss and where I'm headed objectively. Where am I headed? Down a long, hard road of obesity, sleep apnea, heart problems, short life span, diabetes ... the list goes on. I don't want these things for myself. I never did, but they were never in the forefront of my thoughts until yesterday and today.

I made 2 goals. For TODAY. Not for the week, not for the year, not for the month. For ONE DAY. 1. Stick to my meal plan. Period. 2. Track my food. Write it down. I did those very things. I stayed completely on plan today and even threw in some exercise that I hadn't planned. I wanted to do it. Which is another strange one. HA! But for the first time in a long time, I wanted to do this. For me. And that, my friends, is awesome. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind ... Continued

So ... where have I been since my last post? Somewhere between "I need to get my life back on track" and "I want, therefore I have."

*SIGH* Why do I do this to myself!??!?! What has the last few months done for me? Well, I've gained some of the weight back that I lost. Not a lot, but some. I have stopped exercising. I eat what I want to, whenever I feel like it. I eat out too much. I cook for the week and then find myself eating out instead because I don't want it. And where has that left me? Feeling discouraged, frustrated, upset with myself, more headaches, feeling like crap a lot of the time, lazy, and tired. Awesome. The worst part?? The fact that I can recognize my behavior patterns, I know what I am doing wrong, and I know what I need to do - but I don't do it.

The mind is such a powerful thing. That brain is a sneaky organ. Processed foods, carbs, sugar, fast food, preservatives .... they all make your body crave more of it. It's an addition for some people - not unlike alcoholism or drugs. It's not as simple as "just do it" or "get off your butt and exercise" or "which is harder - losing weight or staying fat?" I have seen multiple posts, eCards, etc on this matter as of late and it just makes me angry, and sad for people who feel they have to act this way toward others. The master minds behind this (creators) are so quick to judge and so quick to point fingers - when the reality is that they have likely never been in the shoes of someone who is addicted to food. Poking fun, bullying, and passive-aggressive eCards, posts, etc only add fuel to the fire. It's a never-ending cycle. People who feel bad about themselves (yes, I'm talking about myself) already, are disappointed in their lack of discipline and willpower read things like this and it is all the more discouraging. It's so frustrating to me how hateful the world has become. I'm certainly not perfect, but being hateful, rude, and mean is just not something I can do with a good conscience. Let people fight their own battles and worry about yourself. I mean, really. I am certainly not blaming those things for where I've ended up in life - I know that's my fault. What I'm ultimately saying here is that it doesn't help. It's simply just mean. And Lord knows, I don't need any more mean people in my life. I would much rather have supporters, people I can be honest with, talk to when I'm having a bad day, someone who's been there with diet and weight loss, and someone who cares. I'm just sayin. =)

Anyway, I digress. I've been doing some soul searching the last week or so. I've been digging down and trying to figure out just exactly what it is that is keeping me from my goal and making me sabotage my plans and goals. What it comes down to (for me) may lie in ignoring my brain. Eating for fuel only. Making sure it's a healthy choice at a time that I physically NEED to eat. Not because I want to. Not because it's something I'm craving. And not because I'm bored, sad, mad, happy, tired, etc etc etc ... And exercise, well that's another story. At some point, if I keep at it, there has to be a point where it goes from a genuine hatred to realizing it makes me feel better and I WANT to do it. But I NEVER make it to that point. Or, I guess I should say, I never allow myself to get there. Sometimes I wonder how on earth I made it through nursing school, an AWFUL ICU orientation, a bachelor's degree and working full time, then a master's degree while working full time, learning a new job, packing up to move, planning a wedding, and traveling for work. I mean, seriously?!?! How much can one person handle? LOL! Divorce was another one. Difficult, but I did it. And happy to say that I made it through a different person, and better for having gone through it. So losing weight can't be as hard as all of that ... right? Wrong.

I guess the good news about all of this truth-telling is that at least I DO recognize where I fail. And I can make strides to work through those times of failure. Every minute of every day that I stay on track is a milestone for me. I am worth it. I KNOW I can do it.   *** LOVE ***

Monday, January 28, 2013

Test Kitchen!

So my friend found this recipe for a vegan double chocolate cake. I mean, seriously. Double. Chocolate.

So we started brainstorming and decided we would try to make it - with a few modifications. It called for some flour, dark chocolate almond milk (which I'm now addicted to, thank you very much!), and some vegan cream cheese (that just SOUNDS gross). During our brainstorming, we decided to also make it gluten free, so we settled on making our own almond flour to use in the recipe.

I found a how-to on making almond flour, so we gave it a whirl in the food processor <~~ see what I did there? HA. I crack myself up. Anyway - so the food processor did a pretty good job mixing up the almonds, but they weren't quite a flour-y consistency. Had I been thinking, I would have put the mixture in the blender, as the how-to suggested, but I had forgotten about that piece until just now. Oops.

Other than the regular cream cheese we used in the recipe (we just couldn't do it with the vegan. I mean, it's CHEESE0. it WAS vegan (or vegetarian, in this case) and gluten free. Now, the flavor of the cake was TO. DIE. FOR molten chocolate cake, slap yo mama, drink a gallon of milk DE-LIC-IOUS! The consistency, however, was quite another story. I believe it has something to do with the almonds not quite being that soft, powdery, flour consistency. We still ate it though. Yes we did.

So, for next time, I'm either going to buy some almond flour, or try getting it into a much finer consistency. We did try to run it through my flour sifter, but that was more of a mess than we bargained for.

All-in-all, it was fun, the flavor was good, and it was fun spending some time with my friend in the kitchen!

Until next time! =)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Morning Ramblings

I'm still not able to attach a pic to my blog posts. What's up with that!??! I love pictures. *sigh*

Anyway, so today is the day that I start Combat! WOOT! You can find information about it here. I would post a pic if I could. *ANNOYING!* If you're so inclined, you may also purchase the Combat or Pump videos via that link.

So, in other news, I didn't do so badly diet wise this weekend. I did give into my sweet tooth and made this banana pudding poke cake though. TO. DIE. FOR. NOM NOMMITY NOM NOM NOM. The recipe. As I was devouring a piece last night, I was thinking to myself how divine this dessert would be if everything were made from scratch ... and with added banana slices. I'm totally adding that to my *try this for a special occasion where there are lots of people to gobble most of it up* file.

I also made up some Chicken Enchilada soup. It was smack yourself silly good! I am totally making this one again. Here is the recipe that I used. I made a few tweaks to it though. The cook inside me couldn't resist ... starting off with seasoning every layer! To the "roo" I added salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and hot sauce. I added 2 garlic cloves (smooshed to garlic perfection with my press) to the onion and green pepper mixture. I also added salt and pepper to my vegetable and bean mixture. I used 3 chicken breasts, and added them frozen. Once the soup was all said and done, I ended up adding just a tad more salt to the whole thing. And to serve, I just mixed in a little "dollop" of sour cream. SO. YUMMY. I am gobbling up the rest of my leftover pot roast so that I can eat on that soup for the rest of the week!

So, happy Monday, yo! Make it a great week! If I'm able to walk tomorrow (or type, I guess), I'll post about my Combat experience.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Plugging Along!

So Sunday I went grocery shopping - early in the morning when no one is there - cause, quite frankly, I can't stand shopping when there are 200 people trying to get to the milk all at the same time. It just makes me .... grouchy!

Anyway, I digress. I have been reading a book called "It Starts With Food." You can check it out here. It's about eating "clean" and eating whole foods for 30 days - no dairy, no bread, no sugar, no processed foods, etc. You can also read about Whole30 on this web site. The book is pretty "scienc-y" in the beginning talking about how the foods we eat affect our bodies and our brain. It's very interesting, and got me thinking! I was all gung-ho to get started on Whole30 and give up all the crap I eat on a daily basis. Then I started talking to a friend and she mentioned how she wouldn't want to restrict herself that much because she knows that she will fail - and reminded me "all things in moderation!" Which got me to thinking a little more. I have recently been interested in eating Paleo - which is a bit of the same as Whole30, but with a few more things added. Here is a web site about Paleo, if you're so inclined. Anyway, I love the idea of cooking everything from the "raw" and "natural" state - so that you know exactly what is going into your food. Giving up all of that pre-packaged stuff, sugar, bread, etc. I'm not quite on the vegetarian/vegan train - I do like to eat meat - but I am definitely on the healthy, natural train for now.

So after some reading, thinking, talking to others, etc. I came up with what I like to refer to as Paleo-ish diet. That name is patent pending, so don't you dare think about using it! =) Anyway, I wanted to give up the processed crap, the sugar, and cut out the carbs I'm eating from bread, wheat, etc. I didn't necessarily want to give up dairy. Let's face it. Cheese is delicious. As is milk. And for some reason, I have been craving cottage cheese - which I have never liked nor craved in my entire life. Weird. Anyway, so my Paleo-ish diet consists of fresh vegetables, fruit, meats, and dairy. No sugar unless it is natural (Agave nectar and the like), no bread (or at least VERY minimal. I did have some crackers last night). And I'm trying my best to incorporate healthy snacks so that I'm not reaching for chocolate and a bag of chips when I'm bored, hungry, angry, frustrated .... all of the above.

So in that mind, I was looking on Pinterest (addicted. Guilty) for some new recipe ideas. I found a few things, but what I wanted to try this week was some salads that I found. I like to call them Salad Shakers. You can find the blog and recipe here. Of course, I'm not super-cool and don't have mason jars. Don't get me wrong, in an attempt to have my salads look super cool like these, I looked at them. But too expensive. I remembered I had some Ziploc containers that I use to put homemade ice cream in (drooling), so I decided to give them a try. Perfecto! I made up 3 of them for this week and these consist of light poppy seed dressing, frozen carrots and peas (they defrost on their own), green pepper, onion, blueberries, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, and Mediterranean blend lettuce (not my favorite, but it's good for you and it was on sale). They turned out pretty good, I might say. I'd love to include a pic here, but I'm having technical difficulties. Who works in IT? *cough* I don't know what you're talking about. *cough* Stay tuned, I will post a pic later.

So for this week, I have my ever trusty Shakeology shakes. Man I love these things. I have salads, cottage cheese (chuckle), and fruit for lunches, almonds and popcorn (grain. I know) for snacks, and I made a roast with potatoes and carrots for dinners this week. All packed up and ready to pop into the microwave. Gata love a crock pot and Ziploc containers. And being super prepared for the week. Kudos to ME!

And last ... and surely not least ... man I'm wordy today... I FINALLY ordered the Les Mills Combat video from Beach Body. SUPER stoked to get this one and start it! Check it out here and if you're so inclined, the Shakeology here.
Ok, ok, ok - I'm done rambling. Except to mention that I stood on the scale this morning. Ever fearful of what I might see ... however, it was much better than I had anticipated. Only 4 pounds away from where I was about 2 months ago. Not too shabby, in my book. I can deal with a measly 4 pounds. With all the water and good-for-me foods I've been eating this week, I anticipate it will be gone in a flash. Whoa ... did you see that? Where did those 4 pounds go?

So here's to getting back on track, staying on track, feeling great, and going strong! Happy Tuesday! =)


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year ... New Goals!

So, I'm sure it's been obvious that I haven't really been blogging much and I sorta fell off my momentum recently. I am getting myself geared up to dive back in and get started again. I am not, however, making a New Year's resolution. Because, quite frankly, I think they suck. For me, they just end up being goals that I stick to for a while and then I just forget about them.

Because it's a new year, I want to keep track of what I'm doing to change my health habits, lose weight, and exercising. I have decided to log my exercise time in an attempt to hit 10,000 hours of exercise for the year of 2013. I would also like to start blogging again more regularly. I'm not going to say that I will blog every day, because that just isn't realistic. And, let's be honest, who wants to hear me rant on about my health (or lack thereof) every single day anyway!?!? So ... I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday!! 2013 is going to be my most favorite year yet, and I wish the same for YOU!